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Finally — a Calorie Counter that Makes Dieting Easy.
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Counting calories may seem easy, but try doing it every day and it gets old fast. Imagine a calorie counter that does all of the work for you, so you can focus on losing weight and staying motivated.

Weight-By-Date gives you an easy food calorie counter, a complete calorie calculator for total fitness, and everything you need to stay committed to healthy eating.
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Here's What Weight- By-Date Gives You:

  • A food diary and calorie counter that makes it easy to track your foods and stay under your limits. You'll be able to identify any problems in your diet and stay focused on healthy eating.
  • A weight loss calendar that keeps you motivated and informed. It uses the calorie counter in the food diary to give you a clear view of your calories, how much weight you've lost, and when you'll reach your goal.
  • An accurate exercise journal and calorie calculator that shows you how many calories you're burning. You can also track your body measurements.
  • Colorful, easy-to-follow charts that help you visualize your progress and have fun along the way.
  • The ability to synchronize with a handheld PDA. Stay dedicated to healthy eating everywhere you go!

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“It was really an eye-opening experience to see
how many calories I was consuming each day.”


FREE Food Calorie Counter Data

Make healthy eating a little easier - calories for 11,000 foods.


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See how many calories you're burning - calorie calculator for 120 activities.

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