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Finally — Carb Counter Software that Makes Low Carb Dieting Easier



Are you on a low carb diet or dealing with diabetes? Counting your daily carbohydrate intake gets old fast.  Imagine a carb counter that does all of the work for you, so you can focus on losing weight and staying motivated.

Weight-By-Date gives you an easy carb counter - complete with sugar alcohols and Net Impact carbohydrates - plus everything you need to stay committed to your low carb diet.
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Here's What Weight- By-Date Gives You:

  • A food diary that any low carb dieter will love. It's an easy, effortless carbohydrate counter, plus a way to stay under your daily and per-meal carb limits.
  • A weight loss calendar that works with the carb counter features in the food diary to keep you motivated and informed. You'll have a clear view of your daily carbohydrate count (plus Net Carb count), how much you've lost, and when you'll reach your goal.
  • A complete fitness journal, so you'll know how many calories you're burning and stay motivated to exercise more. It's a perfect way to make any carb counter more effective.
  • Colorful, easy-to-follow charts that help you visualize your progress and have fun along the way. This includes a chart for your carb and Net Carb intake.
  • The ability to synchronize with a PDA, so you can track your low carb diet from anywhere!

Download Weight-By-Date Today “There is currently one clear leader: Weight-By-Date. We found this software was the easiest to use and, for low carb dieters, it's the most feature rich.”
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