From Rick in Acworth, GA:
"The combination of Weight-By-Date for my Desktop and for my PDA-Phone has helped me lose about 25 pounds in just under two months! Since I always have my phone with me, the program provides instant "accountability" which has made me reconsider eating post-holiday candy and cookies brought to work by co-workers!

Also, I found the program to be very easy to use. It has been extremely helpful in tracking not only calories, but sodium intake. I recommend the combination desktop and mobile versions for anybody with serious weight to lose!"

From Candace in Eastern Connecticut:
"This is a love letter.

I faced a real weight-loss challenge in that I have serious inflammatory arthritis as well as other serious chronic conditions. After my arthritis had flared badly for four or five years, I was completely inactive, my body bloated from the corticosteroids prescribed to battle my arthritis, and the idea of losing weight or becoming more active seemed impossible.

In January of 2007 I got two new serious diagnoses in one day: type II diabetes and hypertension. My doctor asked me to do what I could toward losing some weight, and realizing that the best thing I could do for myself was to reduce my weight and increase my fitness, I went to work.

Weight by Date Pro (WBDP) was not the first PC/PDA combo program I tried to use as part of my weight loss program. After wrestling with another program for two months, I went looking for something better and found WBDP.

I have now been using it for nearly a year, and in that time I have managed to lose over 63 lbs. I have gone from being "morbidly obese" with active diabetes and hypertension to being at the low end of "obese" and controlling my diabetes entirely by diet. My liver functions have returned to normal, and my blood pressure is nearly normal, too. And I feel _much_ better, both physically and emotionally. (And I'm not done yet! I'm now more than half way toward my goal of a normal weight. It may take me another year to get to accomplish that, but I'm determined to stick with it.)

WBDP has been an important part of my success story. I have used the program in conjunction with a spreadsheet in which I analyzed my diet and exercise to find ways to improve my efforts. The program has been very reliable and has not bogged down, even with over a year's worth of data stuffed into it.

I like the various charts and tools the program offers, the clean, friendly interface, and I like the built-in backup features. If I start eating a new food that's not already listed in the built-in database, I enter the nutrition information into the program once, and then I've got it as part of my food database going forward.

WBDP is intuitive and easy to use, and unlike that first program I tried, it lets me track the nutrients that my doctor is most concerned about. The previous application I used was obviously programmed by people who had never attempted a diabetic or weight loss diet. It kept making what I was trying to do harder, whereas I have not had any problem getting WBDP to do what I need it to do.

I recommend this program without reservation to anyone who is serious about losing weight and improving his or her fitness. It's a great tool. With WBDP, a decent body composition monitor/scale, and a recumbent bike parked in front of your TV, you can make a huge amount of progress toward health in just a year -- I'm living proof of that."

From Linda Lambert in Wittmann, AZ:
"Your software program has been an immense help to me in regaining my health. I am 65 years old and diabetic (but non-insulin dependent, no meds), had heart problems, high blood pressure, and don't want to hear what all was wrong with me.

I found your web site on a fluke as I was trying to find a food diary. At that time, I didn't know what a fortunate find it was. Because of my weight and the problems I had, my medical doctor suggested the lap band procedure. I showed him that I really was trying and brought him copies of the Weight by Date reports. He was so amazed, that now he asks me to bring a print out at each of my appointments.

With the surgery last fall, and the Weight by Date program, I have lost 55 pounds to date. I no longer need to check my blood sugar daily, I have a clean bill of heath on my heart problems which have gone away, the spot on my lung has resolved itself.

I credit my doctor with getting me on the right track, and I credit Brad Marcum and his Weight by Date program for making it so easy for me to stay on track and know exactly where I am every minute of every day.

Did I mention the customer support? That's unbelievable. Every time I have a question or a problem, Brad's right there, either by email or by phone. Recommendation? Everyone who is concerned about their health and well-being needs this program. My doctor recommends it to all his patients now."

From Joe in York, PA:
"I just want you to know how much your creation of Weight By Date has helped me with the battle to lose weight. Before WBD I always had to keep a food diary by hand with pen/pencil in a booklet, folded paper journal or on a plain lined pad. I also made up food information lists by hand for reference.

Not anymore thanks to you. Now it is a breeze to do and helps me wanting to keep an accurate log.

I started with WBD 2.9 and after your email notification of an update downloaded and installed WBD 2.96 today and at first glance can tell it will be even better and I really like it.

Thank you so much."

From Wendy Thomas, Travis AFB CA:
"Weight-By-Date Pro has been the only concrete program that I've bought in recent months that really works! And the reason it really works is because I can really use it! Its very user friendly and once you've figured out the ins and outs of the program setting up your meals, exercises or whatever is a snap. I'm very pleased with it and have and will continue to refer it to my friends. Thanks so much for such a great product."

From David in Jacksonville, FL:
"I have had many weight management programs, both on my PDA and on my computer. This is the best designed program I have seen. If you work the process from first measurements then to setting your menu goals and then follow up with exercise, it is a great way to focus on retraining your thinking process.

It has helped me drop a lot of weight, and more importantly, drop my BMI and % Body Fat which can contribute to poor health. Thanks for a great product."

From Garnie in San Francisco, California:
"Weight-By-Date Pro has provided me the best means of monitoring my weight loss progress and it has been a real motivational tool to keep me on track.  Nothing beats watching the graph go down and down while you are feeling and looking better."

From Lynn in Vernon, British Columbia:
"I have tried other programs, and this one has EVERYTHING!  Weight-By-Date is so easy to use, and very appealing to the eye.  I am kicking myself for not getting it sooner.  You all have done a wonderful job in putting together a super program that will definitely stay on my hard drive."

From Patti in Selma, Oregon:
"I have tried some other programs. This one is by far the best. It covers everything. I really like the section that keeps track of my inches lost.  I'd like to add the customer service is great."

From Dan in Apple Valley, Minnesota:
"Thank you for making such a fantastic product.  I have been morbidly obese for years and after my doctor suggested Bariatric surgery I finally decided to do something about and diet.
The 1st 3 months I lost 20 lbs and had hit THE WALL.  So I purchased your product and found out where the problems were in my food choices.
That was 5 months ago.  I have now lost 81 lbs and still going strong thanks to the programs thorough analyzing of food.  Thanks for helping me be healthier and more able to enjoy life to the fullest."

From Elaine in Memphis, Tennessee:
"This is a fabulous product.  I have used it daily since I first installed it.  What a motivator!  Love it, love it, love it!  Any improvements you add will be gilding the lily.  I would like to thank the designer, whoever they may be.  You know your stuff."

From Julie in Melbourne, Australia:
"Being something of a computer geek (so my teenage kids tell me) I wanted a program that would help me track my food intake and Weight Watcher Points.  This program does that and more.  I have tried other programs but they do not offer enough detail to keep me satisfied.  With Weight-By-Date all my data is just a click or two away.  I can see my progress at all times and often check backwards to compare months (I have entered all my weekly weights from Weight Watcher meetings). I also utilize the journal feature and often look back to see what was going on for me when weight loss results were good, or during times when it would stall.
I am so looking forward to downloading the update which will allow recipes to be stored, as well as a host of new features. Can't wait to try them all.
I can certainly recommend this product to those interested in keeping track of their weight, exercise, nutrition, etc.  Congratulations for creating such a wonderful self help tool."

From Glen in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania:
"This is Fantastic!  I have never placed a comment on a web site before.  I have over 180 lbs to lose and currently I am on an diet that counts Carbs as well as calories.  I have struggled with keeping track of all the things that I need to.  This has made my adventure a frustrating one.
This product has made my life so much easier and it has actually added a little fun to the adventure.  My entire family is involved, even the ones that do not need to lose weight.  I especially love the many Charts and Data options that are available. It is worth every penny!"

From Maggie in Albuquerque, New Mexico:
"I find it difficult to lose weight because I'm a pro active person, and there is nothing to "do" while waiting for the extra pounds to come off.  With Weight-By-Date Pro, I have many activities to accomplish and track, so I feel like I'm "busy" losing weight.  I bought Weight-By-Date Pro in mid March when I weighed 169 pounds.  Your software is a constant reminder to watch what I eat and to exercise.  I'm now at 153 pounds and still losing!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!"

From Lynn in Park Ridge, Illinois:
"Weight By Date Pro is one of the most aesthetically pleasing - and motivating - programs I have ever worked with. The graphs are compelling; there is room for meal data, exercise data, a journal to record your thoughts and many more features to even enumerate. On top of being a solidly designed motivational tool for weight loss (as well as just healthy maintenance), the customer service is First Class. You will LOVE this program; there is nothing like it anywhere. I will be hitting my goal in five more weeks!"

From Frank in Dublin, Ireland:
"Since I started losing weight 5 months ago, I've used various PC programs to keep me on the "straight and narrow".  Every one of them bored me until I started using Weight-By-Date 6 weeks ago.  Inputting my own CV exercises makes it so quick and simple to record my activity every day.  It adjusts the Cals burned automatically as I loose weight!
I love the simple way to enter my own foods (and whole meals) and then graph Carbs or Fat.
"Eat less & exercise more" is very easy to say, its doing it that's hard, but Weight-By-Date gives my willpower the extra support it needs. Spending 5 minutes in front of the computer every day helps me loose (62LB) weight.. Great!!"

From Gregory in Cherry Valley, Illinois:
"I started using your program the end of December 2000. I was diagnosed with plaque build up in one of my arteries, and was told I must lose weight. At that time I weighed 193 lbs., today I weigh 168 lbs. with my final goal being 155 lbs.
There is a saying 'Keep it simple stupid' that is what your program does for me.  It keeps it very simple so that achieving your weight goals is not hard to accomplish.
Thanks for the great weight loss program."

From Doreen in Rowland Heights, California:
"I have been using Weight by Date for well over a couple of months now and I already un-installed two other programs I had on my computer to assist me in keeping myself Healthy.  I have found that Weight-By-Date is the only program I use regularly and consistently, it keeps me on track, focused and excited to see the weight coming off as I use it in conjunction with my new healthy eating pattern.  I enjoy the graphs, and the goal portion of the program the most, along with the easiness of using it!
I would also like to say Thank you to the Developers of this program and the support that they have given to me in a timely manner as well as the fact that they have even taken into consideration some ideas for upcoming versions of this program. Thanks again!"

From AJ in Cedar Hill, Texas:
"I've found the graphs and food logs to be very helpful in losing 17 lbs in 4 months.  I use a ketosis diet, so tracking food amounts exactly is very important, and the charts are a great motivator.  I also love seeing the "target date" for my goal weight changing.  It's a nice program for a serious dieter."

From Brigitte in Orlando, Florida:
"WOW!!!  I was on a plateau and found Weight-By-Date which enabled me to post my weight daily or weekly or as desired.  It also helped me with my food journal and my deepest thought about my progress on my plight to losing weight.  What a difference the program made for me as it rewarded me as I lost and I could see the loss weekly and monthly.  The program also let me know automatically how much I had to lose to reach my goal.  It has definitely been a motivator!!!!!!!"

From Phillip in Fulton, Missouri:
"I lost 40 pounds in just a little over 3 months and Weight-By-Date played a big part in it.  I am on a low sodium diet and WBD Pro makes it easy to keep up with my intake.  Of course I am also watching my calories and fat intake and WBD Pro is so easy to use, it makes losing weight easy.  Keep up the good work."

From Theodore in South Dakota:
"I have an appointment with a Bariatric Doctor tomorrow.  I had to sit down and log all of my food intake for the last 3 days. Really scared me when i put fingers to keyboard and added it all up.  Your program is very useful to me as a Diabetic and severely overweight person.  With the Help of W-B-D and some professional help I am sure I will be able to get a better handle and control of my life.
I really like the fact that i can put in my personal items...makes it so much easier than trying to "find" something that is is "close" to correct. Thank you for such a useful program."

From Mary in Piedmont, South Carolina:
"Weight-By-Date has been the shortest cut for keeping a nutritional log.  It is always your choice to commit yourself to any plan.  Weight-By-Date is the closest to having a true nutritionist partner.  The journal is wonderful.  All in the privacy of my home.  I enjoy putting my own foods and portions in.  I choose to lose slowly.  I like seeing my goals reached in writing.  Weight-By-Date does the calculating for me.  I just have to be accountable.  My weight has never been consistent but clearly I am still holding a 7 pound loss even through some Holidays.  Weight-By-Date has made it so much easier to plan meals."

From Angel in Talladega, Alabama:
"After months of looking for a useful software program to use with my weight loss and food program, I happened across Weight-By-Date software.  I thought I'd give it a try to keep track with my goal, thinking it would be like most other software programs I had previously downloaded.

Boy, was I surprised to find it was what I had been looking for all along!  It had a way for me to post my weight weekly (or daily, which ever you choose!) and at the bottom there is a diary to post your food, or daily comments and the graphs are great!  No matter what Weight Loss Program you are doing, this software program is a wonderful aid.

I purchased my registered version the day I first downloaded the trial....why wait when it is exactly what a dieter needs!  The best thing about Weight-By-Date Software, I no longer have to keep a paper diary, I can now keep track on my PC, with absolutely no writing!"

From Allen in Sydney, Australia:
"Simply the Best, Better than all the Rest.... As the song goes by Tina Turner.

I'm a retired pilot now living in Sydney from the USA. Was way over weight last year and started my own exercise plan using a newly purchased mountain bike. Was losing weight slowly and motivation started to wane when I came across Weight-By-Date Pro. Tried the 30 day plan for 24 hours and immediately saw the potential and bought it straight away.

Motivation got a shot in the arm and lost 30 kilos and attended my son's wedding in Michigan last July 2nd. Everyone thought I was a winner including my son who is a B-52 pilot in the Air Force. I believe the program came along just in time to give me the extra kick I needed. I stuck to it proactively for six months at the start: however, now I use it more for back up and monitoring in case I get slack.

I was always concerned the support wouldn't be there if something happened to my hard drive or a system crash as I originally bought it online and had no hard media to reinstall. The hard drive did crash and although it took about a month to get an answer from my email - an answer finally did come with a profound apology about how busy you are. I accepted the apology and followed the instructions and got the program running again thanks to your conscientiousness effort to satisfy your customers. Very well done. And, I can understand why you are all busy - it's a great program."

From Pat in Salem, Massachusetts:
"Weight-By-Date works great! It's sorta like watching your finances with an accounting program. It simply keeps me aware of what I'm eating and how much exercise I'm getting. I lost about 25 pounds in three months while using it (I only had 35 to lose). Unfortunately, I had stop using it for quite some time and gained it all back. I intend on using it again, and indefinitely this time."

From Val in Lakewood, Colorado:
"I am a woman almost 60 years old; I've been overweight most of my life. I decided to try (once again) to lose weight in May 2003. I had tried numerous methods before, Weight Watchers, etc., but I was never able to sustain my efforts.

I purchased Weight-By-Date in an effort to at least track my daily calories; I had read that most people lose more weight just by keeping a journal. I am very computer-literate, and your program made this an easy task. In addition, I was able to determine realistic nutritional goals using the Tools incorporated in the software. It was really an eye-opening experience to see how many calories I was consuming each day - I immediately made some adjustments that began to pay off from the start!

I have lost almost 35 pounds in the last 18 months, including a couple of "intermissions" due to major surgeries. I have added a regular exercise program in my weight loss efforts, and I feel better than I have in years! Thank you for developing such inexpensive but extremely user-friendly software!"

From Donna in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada:
"I am really excited about the software. I have been using it since the beginning of the year and it has helped me assess where my good habits are and where they are not. I have lost 12 lbs to date and have begun exercising most sure helps to see the extra calories that it burns."

From Ray Brown in Bessemer, Michigan:
"I have had tremendous success with Weight-By-Date. On May 4th I was at 205 pounds and I had set a goal of 175 pounds, but I found it fairly easy to drop weight by monitoring calories consumed and calories burned. Today I have been maintaining my weight at 158 pounds to 163 pounds, and have had a lot of people comment about my weight loss. Many thought that I must have been sick. I feel great and I am almost embarrassed when I have a day that I don't record any exercise routine, so that keeps giving me the incentive I need to keep going and maintaining."

From R. McDonald in Orlando, Florida: "A great program. I have lost 35 lbs in eight months and could not do it without the info in the program.  I have kept it off.  I have it in my PDA and use it when ordering in restaurant or eating at home or grocery shopping.  I have called with questions and comments and staff is very helpful. Highly recommended."

From Colin Clark in Durham, United Kingdom:  "I have just started Using Weight-By-Date - synchronized between the PC and Palm. It can only be described in one word which is excellent. I love the way that it can be customized to whatever type of diet plan or exercise regime is being followed.

I would just like to say also that the updated version of the Palm application is even better than before. I really find useful the daily totals for each nutrient at the bottom of the screen in the Food Journal.

I would recommend this product to everyone wanting to lose weight, into bodybuilding or any other type of activity where you need to keep close track of your diet and/or exercise. Plus the support is excellent too."

From Jim Foreman in Wayne, WV: "Great Software. I spent weeks evaluating fitness and diet software like DietPower, Performance Diet, Crosstrainer and many others. Programs costing twice weight-by-date pro required you to close the recipe you were creating, to add a food not in the food database, and then find and return again to complete your recipe entry. Not so with weight-by-date pro, you can add any food to the food database without leaving your recipe entry screen. You can customize what you want to track.

I was pleased to be able to setup soy protein as a new nutrient to track so I'm now sure to get may heart healthy 25g daily supply. In all my research I could find no better program for the price, nor twice the price. My research for diet and fitness software stopped after 2 days of trial version use. If you have tried others and are still looking, you need to try weight-by-date."

From Kathy Stead (AKA FitnFirm) in Westland, Michigan: "I find that Weight-By-Date is the most important tool I own! I've been using it over 2 years. I recently started bodybuilding with a trainer and had to keep logs on every bit of food I eat and my supplements etc. I have to post this information from Weight-By-Date daily on my nutrition, I take screen captures of the quick journal and it shows people what I'm eating and my daily progress with body fat loss and weight training.

I did 2 logs using Weight-By-Date for Designer supplements on
Designer Supplement logs:

I am presently doing a log for ALRI Industries
ALRI LOG- Current 6/6/06

My trainer at loves that I use this software so he can follow my nutrition and make sure I'm hitting my goals.

I have had more people ask me What is that software you are using? SO if your sales has went up a lot since January 2006 that is why :) I love to share this web site with all who are interested. I will continue to use it forever!!!!!! Without it I would be lost. I've tried others, no one can compare to Weight-By-Date."

From BM in Toronto, Ontario, Canada: "Congratulations on your software. It helps enormously with keeping track of what one eats. I mostly appreciate the Weight Loss by Day Chart and the Calories Consumed by Day Chart. The direct correlation is conspicuous. I wish the two charts could be superimposed.

Thank you again. I have lost 18.6 pounds at a rate of 2 lbs per week (4.4 to go) and I attribute this solely to this software.  Bravo to you (and to me :-)"

From Julie in Pennsylvania: "I've lost 28 pounds in five months by using your program to count calories & journal in conjunction with attending Weight Watchers meetings. It would be wonderful if you could add points values to your food lists - but nonetheless, I'm happy with the tool and with my success!"

From Richard Ruppel in Scottsdale, Arizona: "I have been looking for a program like this for years! I had a program by a Diabetic company for years that allowed me to track what I ate just like Weight-By-Date does and it also tracked my Blood Glucose and other things too. However, it had a Year 2000 problem and the company no longer supported it so I had to give it up and long ago threw away the documentation.

This program does everything it did concerning foods and more. I especially like being able to enter my own recipes and have the program calculate the nutrients for me. I love Weight-By-Date and hope you don't go out of business soon."