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  • Quick Answers
  • What is Weight-By-Date?
    Weight-By-Date is an easy-to-use weight loss program that runs on any Windows PC. You don't have to be online to use it and it's totally private.
    Think of it as a food diary, nutrition calculator, weight tracker, fitness log, health monitor, and personal motivator — all neatly organized on your PC.
  • How Does it Work?
    One of the healthiest, most effective ways to lose weight is to track your progress. Track what you eat, what you weigh, and what you do for exercise.
    That's how Weight-By-Date works. It opens your eyes, so you can see what you're doing wrong (and right). It's motivating and user-friendly, so you look forward to using it every day.
    There aren't any gimmicks or false promises — just good common-sense in a high-tech tool.
  • How Much is it?
    Believe it or not, Weight-By-Date costs as little as $37.99 — a perfect fit for any budget. $57.99 gets you free support and one year of free upgrades.
    You won't have any monthly or weekly fees to deal with either. Plus, Weight-By-Date doesn't pretend to be free, only to bombard you with e-mails and advertisements after you sign-up.
  • Will it Run on My PC?
    If you have a PC running Microsoft Windows, then that's all you need. Weight-By-Date works great on all modern versions of Windows, including Windows 7, Vista, and XP.
    You don't need a lot of memory or space on your hard drive. It runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit PCs. Installation is fast and easy.
  • What's New in ver. 3.5?
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What's New with Weight-By-Date Pro 3.5?

Upgrade to Weight-By-Date Pro 3.5
For any PC with Windows 7/Vista/XP
Upgrade now for a fraction of the regular price! And don't worry -- all of your existing Weight-By-Date data will be upgraded too.
$57.99 $39.99
with Special Discount
CD-ROM also available - Add $10 plus shipping

Special Notes on this Upgrade
Common Questions
VIDEO: Top 40 New Features
VIDEO: Introduction
See the best new features and improvements in this upgrade.   Hosted by Brad Marcum, original creator of Weight-By-Date.


1. A fresh new look with one-click navigation


  • Virtually every screen in the program received a facelift and has a more modern feel.
  • The new buttons along the left give you one-click access to just about every essential area of the program. They are neatly organized and collapsible.

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2. A fabulous new food and exercise search


  • Now you can find and insert foods without leaving the food diary.
  • The search finds foods as you type and even searches Recent Foods and My Foods.
  • Searching for foods and exercises has never been easier or faster.

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3. Nice additions to the Weight Loss Calendar


  • The calendar now shows icons when you've recorded foods (apple), exercises (runner), body measurements (tape measure), or notes (paper).
  • Click on the little apple icon to go right to your food diary for that day. Exercises, measurements, and notes work the same way.
  • Hold your mouse over these little icons to see a daily summary.
  • There is now a "Goal Date" in the stats at the top, giving you a way to define a date for when you want to reach your weight loss goal.

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4. Charts and more for the food diary


  • We added a Daily Calorie Breakdown pie chart to the food diary.
  • We added a Daily Fat Breakdown pie chart too. This chart can be changed to show you: Daily Carbohydrate Breakdown, a Net Calories bar chart, or a Weight Loss progress chart.
  • The food diary now shows your daily nutrient targets, so you can see and understand how the math works.

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5. A better food selection window


  • With the new food search, you may not even use this window, but just in case you do, you'll find that it's much improved.
  • We decided to move the nutrient display to make room for new features. This makes it easier to focus on finding foods.
  • A new list on the right shows you what you've just added to your food diary as you go.
  • Now you can right-click on any food to copy it to My Foods. There's also a right-click option to view a food's Nutrition.
  • We've added individual search boxes to the Brand and Generic categories, to make your searches even faster. If you still do most of your searches using the Search function at the top right, you should give the Brands and Generic categories a shot instead -- it's so much better.

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6. Big-time improvements to serving sizes

  • We've added multiple serving size options to virtually all of the 40,000 foods in the database.
  • When you select a food you can select from a range of serving sizes, including ounces and grams.
  • This change has the side-benefit of making the list of foods more concise and easier to read.
  • Do you weigh your foods in ounces? If so, you'll enjoy knowing that the program no longer converts them back to grams.
  • You can now enter fluid ounces for most of the drinks and liquid foods.
  • Want to enter a fraction like 2/3? Just type "2/3". It's that easy.

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7. Colorful new progress charts

  • We really took charting to a whole new level with Weight-By-Date Pro 3.5. The new charts are beautiful and easy to understand.
  • We've added several new charts. Here is the complete list:
    • Weight Progress by Day (line chart)
    • Weight Change by Week (vertical bar chart)
    • Calorie Breakdown as Percentages (pie chart)
    • Calorie Breakdown as Totals (bar chart)
    • Nutrient Totals by Day (line chart)
    • Fat Break breakdown (pie chart)
    • Carbohydrate breakdown (pie cart)
    • Calories Eaten vs Calories Burned (dual-bar chart)
    • Calories Burned by Day (line chart)
    • Calories Burned by Activity (bar chart)
    • Time Spent by Activity (bar chart)
    • Body Measurements by Day and Zone (line chart)
    • Total Inches Lost (pie chart)
    • Total Inches Gained (pie chart)
  • Some charts have additional options, such as the ability to show a line for moving average or a line for your goal.
  • All charts are now controlled by a single date range and there are several preset date ranges, such as Today, Last 7 Days, This Month, This Year, and many more.

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8. A new Photo History of your progress

  • Now you have a place to store before and after photos that you can access without even leaving the program.
  • You can store as many photos as you want and attach a date and note to them.
  • It's easy to insert photos and it's also very motivating.

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9. A new and improved Meal Planner

  • Weight-By-Date Pro 3.5 gives you a true meal planner that eclipses the planner in previous versions.
  • You can create three types of meal plans:
    • Reusable Meals or Groups of Foods
    • Scheduled Plan by Date
    • Scheduled Plan by Day of Week (Monday, Tuesday, etc)
  • The meal planner is still a great way to experiment with your menus and see the nutrient totals, just as before.

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10. A new and improved Exercise Planner

  • Like the new meal planner, Weight-By-Date Pro 3.5 gives you a better way to plan your exercise routines and workouts.
  • You can create three types of exercise plans:
    • Reusable Workout or Set of Exercises
    • Scheduled Plan by Date
    • Scheduled Plan by Day of Week (Monday, Tuesday, etc)

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11. Charts added to the Exercise Log

  • The exercise log has some new charts to match the look of the food diary.
  • The first chart shows your calories burned for the last week.
  • The second chart compares your calories eaten to your calories burned for the last week.

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12. More exercises and better categories

  • We improved the way exercises are organized, with several logical categories for common types of activities.
  • Now you can search the exercise list to find exercises easier.
  • We've added 70 new exercises across various categories, including: strength training exercises (including crunches, sit-ups, push-ups, etc), more bicycling and treadmill speeds, Pilates, and several Wii® games.
  • Daily Living exercises that don't burn many calories have been de-emphasized. They were really meant for reference and we have moved them to their own reference category.

Upgrade Now | Back to Top

13. A brand new suite of health tools

  • We've redesigned the basic tools that came with previous versions and added several more:
    • Body Fat Calculator (new and improved)
    • Blood Pressure Assessment
    • BMI Calculator (this was previously a progress chart)
    • Calorie Needs and BMR Calculator (new and improved)
    • Cholesterol Assessment
    • Goal Planner (new and improved)
    • Ideal Weight Calculator
    • Recommended Daily Intake Lookup
    • Target Heart Rate Calculator
  • You may might not realize it, but the health tools are actually online. This means we can update them and add more features without needing to update the program.

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14. Integration with the web

  • Version 3.5 takes advantage of the web without requiring you to be online to use the program.
  • Weight-By-Date automatically checks for and downloads program updates, so you'll always have the latest fixes and feature additions.
  • The program also downloads food and exercise updates automatically, when available. We plan to make this a regular service now that we have a mechanism for updating them.
  • We're just getting started -- we're working on a way to backup and synchronize your data over the web as well.

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Coming Soon for Weight-By-Date Pro 3.5

  1. We'll be sprinkling lots of updates into version 3 of Weight-By-Date Pro over the next few months, including:
    • Meal/Exercise times for food and exercise entries (time of day)
    • Better organization for your My Foods list
    • 10,000 new foods and updates to the existing food database
    • The ability to track more nutrients (beyond the 10-nutrient limit)
    • Exercise goals, measurements goals, and more
    • A Shopping list (as part of the Reporting Add-on, which is sold separately -- see below)
  2. "Total Health" Add-on: This will be sold as an "add-on" for Weight-By-Date Pro. It's for people with diabetes and other health concerns. You'll be able to track blood glucose, insulin, medications, blood pressure, cholesterol, and more.
  3. Reporting Add-on: Another add-on to be sold separately, this will gives you the ability to print various reports and analyze your progress even further.
  4. Blackberry, iPhone, Droid, and Palm Pre Versions: Yes! Soon there will be a version of Weight-By-Date that runs on any Smartphone (or wireless device) with internet access and a web browser. Best of all, this superior mobile solution will synchronize with Weight-By-Date Pro over the web!

You will love the new Weight-By-Date experience. If you have any questions or concerns, we'll be happy to help. Just use our online helpdesk.

$57.99 $39.99
with Special Discount



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